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Thank you for thinking about sponsoring one of our precious senior dogs.  The easiest way is to fill out the Sponsor form and then decide how much you would like to donate every month to one of our seniors.  Right now we have several seniors in rescue and if you go to:  nwalherd@gmail.com, we will send you the list and our short note about who they are and why they are in rescue.

There are some nice perks to being a senior plus the usual perk of helping one of the most special senior dogs---the Sheltie.  So please consider Sponsoring a Senior Sheltie.

Please fill out the Sponsor form and email to:  nwalherd@gmail.com and one of our volunteers will get back to you.


Being a totally all-volunteer organization, we rely on donations and small grants to continue the work we do with Shelties.  Any donation made to our organization is tax-deductible and helps us continue what we are doing. 

You may also use this form to make a donation "In Memoriam" to your pet that has left for a better world.  All donations "In Memoriam" will be added to a page on our website with a picture of your dog.

Any donation, no matter how large or how small is appreciated.  To make a donation to WV Shetland Sheepdog Rescue, Inc., please click the link below:

In Memoriam

A dog lover has donated $50.00 to the memory of:

"In Memory of Star, U-CDX Blumoon Bi Starlight, CDX, RAE, CGC, ASCA UD" a Bi Blue Sheltie that passed from this world far too soon for her owner.


A donation has been made In Honor of Mr. Cody, their precious Sheltie, with his precious Leo the Lion

A donation has been made by Mr & Mrs. Richard Miser, In Memory of

Molly Miser, their precious Sheltie who is at the Rainbow Bridge.


Special Thanks

"NWAL Herding Dog Rescue,Inc. wants to thank the Petco Foundation for all the support they have given our dogs through their We Are Family Too, Sponsorship, Spay/Neuter, and Overall Grants to support our organization and make the people and animal bond a reality."

In Memoriam

In memory of my beautiful Sheltie, Corky, May he rest in peace and love forever.

Jule Deja Sanchez $45.00

In Memoriam

Many donations have been made to Sheltie Rescue In loving memory of Marvin Mabrey of Somerset Shelties in KY.  Rest in Peace Marvin....your Shelties are surrounding you.

November, 2012

In Memoriam

$400.00 - This gift for the mountain shelties is in memory of their friend Rock.  He wants to try to help them and their mommie Karen. The Somerset shelties want to visit and their mommie does too. Love from the bridge

Sweet Sadie, the precious little Sheltie, was 11 years old when she passed from this life. She was rescued from a backyard, puppymill breeder on the TN/AL line when she was 9 years old.  Sadie had been birthing babies for 9 years and had the sway back and walk to prove....her owner was a heavy smoker and kept her in the house in crates with the other dogs... When sweet Sadie came to us she had a little cough so we had a echo done and it showed a slight enlargement, but not uncommon for her age....No matter what we did homeopathically or herbally or conventionally, the cough never really went away and we were able to control it somehow....

In September of 2010 she was diagnosed with COPD and her time was limited as the coughing just would get worse and her little heart could barely cope....However, strong Sadie decided she wasn't ready to leave.  In late September of 2011 we noticed that she was coughing more and no matter what we gave her or did, the coughing wouldn't stop...but she continued on eating and running outside until....November 3, 2011 when Sadie came to me just barely breathing and gasping for breath.  I knew she couldn't take it anymore and rushed her to the vet, where amongst many vet techs and the vet holding her giving her oxygen so she could breathe, she passed away that morning.

A precious star was seen in the night that evening....as she crossed to the Rainbow Bridge....precious little Sadie will always be in our hearts and soul forever and we shall be with her again.

Thank you Richard Ritzman and Wanda Mabrey for your kind donation to Sadie's fund and expenses......

Her foster mom and adopter, karen

In memory of Sheltie Shack's alum MAX, 10-28-11 age 14.  Beloved boy of

Cherri Murray of Claremont, OK   $25.00

In memory of NWAL Herding Dog Rescue alum Ms. Sadie, 10-2011, age 11.

Long term foster and much loved....  $25.00 donated by Richard Ritzman of Memphis, TN.

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